DDOT Roles Out Dedicated Site to MBT Fort Totten Extension



Looks like the Metropolitan Branch Trail extension from Brookland to Fort Totten is really starting to get some attention. DDOT has created its own dedicated site to share information about the project with web pages for a two week look ahead, weekly progress report, construction schedules, public meeting notices, and a bunch more.

Here’s the full scope of work, per the website:

The new MBT Fort Totten trail extension will run next to the CSX Railroad and WMATA Red Line tracks along John McCormack Drive Northeast. Part of the trail will be situated on National Park Service (NPS) property in Northeast, Washington, DC. The trail will begin about 1,500 feet south of Bates Road Northeast on the east side of John McCormack Drive, and extend north along the WMATA and CSX tracks to the Fort Totten Metro Station tie-in with First Place Northeast.

The full scope of work includes, but is not limited to, the following items:

  • • Existing streetlight poles from the starting point of the Project south to Michigan Avenue will have the existing luminaires replaced with new LED cobrahead luminaires;
  • • Providing mobilization and demobilization, provision and maintenance of Engineer’s field facilities, field layout, employee training, and other incidental work required for a quality, complete and finished product;
  • • Establishing and maintaining vehicular and pedestrian traffic including signs, barricades and other transition devices; reconfiguring the devices in conjunction with changes in work areas, and removing the devices and disposing of them upon Project completion, including restoration of disturbed areas;
  • • Clearing and grubbing, as required within the LOD;
  • • Removing unsuitable material, excavating, and backfilling of pervious paving to construct a new trail;
  • • Protecting trees during construction;
  • • Providing ADA-compliant trail connections and pedestrian ramps;
  • • Providing retaining walls as necessary to stay within the LOD and minimize property impacts following visual requirements specified for retaining walls on NPS property;
  • • Providing new permanent regulatory and wayfinding signs for the trail and all trail connection intersections;
  • • Providing road and trail pavement markings;
  • • Providing landscaping within the LOD for the Project including special requirements for landscaping on NPS property;
  • • Providing erosion and sediment control measures, stormwater management facilities, including pervious asphalt pavement and bioretention facilities;
  • • Providing utility coordination, identification, and protection of all utilities encountered during design and construction including relocation of Pepco poles along Aggregate Industries property; and
  • • Providing new WMATA security fencing between the trail and CSX tracks as required by the Technical Provisions.

Now, if only they had a way to receive email updates when there’s a change to the website.

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