A Few Photos from DC Bike Ride 2018


Snaps Around DC

I’ve taken a few photos from time to time using my mobile while in motion. And 98 percent of the time the photos turn out, well, decently. But it’s those 2 percent of the photos that either turned out blurry or I came very close to crashing. Since I didn’t feel like nosediving among my fellow thousands of DC Bike Riders, I didn’t take many. But here are the few that I did take.

I biked to the staging area from Fort Totten, taking a route through Capitol Hill and emerging onto Independence Ave. Traffic had already been blocked and riding down the middle of the street was marvelous.

Before the race I walked down to the Potomac River which was rising and filled with debris from the recent storms. In the distance was a foggy Rosslyn skyline.

Though it was very wet and a lingering threat of more rain, the staging area kept getting more and more packed. Obviously not many people let the weather get in their way.

Well he’s not worried about being aerodynamically wind resistant.

My wheels

The Washington Monument in the distance.

The finish line festivities just in front of the U.S. Capitol Building.

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