Funny How Being On The Other Side of 40 Makes You Think About Your Health


Random Thoughts

It happened on a whim. (Kind of like starting this blog.)

See, my wife is a fitness junkie. Several years ago I started buying a bunch of stuff for a home gym. Weight bench, squat rack, lat machine, spin bike, row machine, dumbbells, kettle bells, and so on and so forth. With it in the house, I even worked out for a stretch of time, and saw results. From a high of 182 pounds in February 2016 to a low of 157 by the end of the year, there was a huge sense of accomplishment. This wasn’t just working out, though. I was drinking more water than soda, significantly reduced my gluten intake, and even ate a few salads.

Fascinated, I started reading a lot to understand what happens when you exercise. How your body works. How your diet affects your body. How sleep affects your health. How important it is to drink water. I even started reading about the microbes in your gut, how meat protein could be a catalyst if you’re prone to cancer, how gluten squeaks through the lining of your intestines to trigger a reaction within your immune system that causes us to get fat. Then obese. Then die.

All of this was (and still is) interesting. However, I confess, life is dull living just to live as long as possible. I love Mountain Dew. I’m a night owl. And probiotics made my stomach hurt. I went back to my usual habits, and slowly I saw my weight go back up.

My weight dropped from 182 to 157 when I started to get serious about my health, but then started to rise again when I slacked off.


Somehow, though, I felt I had to do something to get some sort of exercise. To keep it simple, I looked for something that would burn a lot of calories that might somehow also be enjoyable. And came across biking.

I was at odds with myself about biking. Part of me saw the huge amounts of calories I could burn in a shorter amount of time than lifting, running or starving. The other part of me saw the gasping for oxygen on simple inclines, legs turning to jelly after 5 miles, and ass so sore that I’d have to be one of those people who stand at their desks at work.

Biking? Me? Did I really put those two concepts into one complete thought?

Since I despise indecisiveness — the internal waffling was more irritating than watching my weight go back up — I went to Dick’s and got the cheapest bike they had. Schwinn. Red. Decent bike, I guess, until it got stolen a couple of months later.

Let’s Ride

This is a blog to share my biking experience. I’m back on a bike; my second bike also happened on a whim, and one day I’ll share that story. And I’ll be posting a bunch of stuff about anything biking-related in Washington, DC. And I’ll be sharing photos taken while out and about on my two wheels.

Most of all, I’ll be blogging to keep my motivation up to continue to bike. Because living a little longer isn’t that bad of an idea.

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