How a Minor Tune-Up Probably Prevented a Major Event Later


My Wheels

When I got my new bike in April from District Hardware & Bike, they said to bring the bike in after a few weeks for a quick looksie.

New bikes need to get broken in then checked out to make sure all is good. Since then I’ve only put in about 100 miles, but my chain has come off once (during DC Bike Ride); I’ve crashed twice, once in Rock Creek that required me to realign my front wheel, another time that almost sent me into the Anacostia River near the Navy Yard; an ugly squeal whenever I lightly tap the read brakes; and a no-brainer that a free checkup can’t hurt.

I took the long route to The Wharf, biking through Maryland, through Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens, completing the 15 mile ride down the Anacostia Trail to Capital Riverfront. Being a virtually brand new bike, I figured it would be a 10 minute look, enough time for me to refill the water bottle and head back home. Instead, I was asked if I had any idea why my chain was not completely on the chainring.

Literally, other than attaching some lights, a Wahoo Elemnt and replacing my saddle, I don’t even know how to adjust anything else. Doesn’t matter, though. They fixed the chain for free, checked the brakes, the wheel alignment, and everything else. And I was back on the road.

But I can’t help but look at these photos and wonder if I didn’t go in for a checkup, if it could’ve eventually led to a more serious crash.

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