Local ANC Supports Bike Lane Through GWU, Foggy Bottom Using 20th or 21st Street NW



In addition to making it more bike-friendly to get from T Street NW to Dupont Circle using Connecticut Ave NW, there’s a proposal to add a bike lane from Dupont Circle, the neighborhood anyway, to the National Mall. This bike lane are proposed for 20th, 21st or 22nd Street NW. The Foggy Bottom and West End Advisory Neighborhood Commission passed a resolution supporting a bike route through George Washington University’s campus.

The commission passed a resolution in a 5-2 vote supporting the District Department of Transportation’s initiative to create a north-south bike route on 20th, 21st or 22nd Street connecting Dupont Circle to the National Mall. The resolution asks DDOT to remove 22nd Street from consideration and focus on choosing to install bike lanes on either 20th or 21st Street.

Commissioner Patrick Kennedy said the ANC heard a “substantial” number of community complaints about a bike lane on 22nd Street for various reasons, including issues with residential parking and the worsening of traffic congestion.

“Others and I would associate myself in particular with the last category, just feel it is an inferior facility for cyclists,” Kennedy said.

Community members disagreed over the use of 21st Street as part of the proposed bike route because it is used frequently for residential parking and bus routes. They said the lane would cause traffic congestion and become dangerous for those using the road.

“The population of our residential buildings greatly exceeds the number of people who are going to be serviced by making this accomodation,” Sara Maddux, the West End Citizens Association secretary and treasurer, said.

Commissioners failed to pass an amendment removing 21st Street from the resolution and asking DDOT to focus on installing bikes lanes on only 20th Street by a vote of 2-3 with two abstentions.

Considering 22nd Street NW terminates at Virginia Ave NW, don’t see how it would’ve been a candidate for consideration. And with both 20th and 21st Streets NW being one way streets, it only makes sense to put a bike lane on both. Of course, I don’t have to park there so I’m biased, but just saying.

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  1. I hate dumb-ass ideas says:

    Dumb-ass idea… millennial policy makers ideas gone too far to eradicate parking spots in a downtown residential neighborhood…. If you build it they will come….

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