Taking the Long Way Home from Work


Snaps Around DC

Because bikes aren’t allowed on Metro until after 10 am, I don’t get to take it to work with me. I haven’t found a good reason why showing up at close to lunch is acceptable.

Then one weekend we decided to meet up at the office for a project we’re working on. Since bikes are allowed on Metro anytime on the weekends, I took my bike with me to make the trip from Reston back home along the Washington & Old Dominion Trail. It was my longest ride yet, a quarter century [is that a thing?].

What made it challenging wasn’t so much the distance as much as I underestimated the April temperature. And I think my saddle needs to be adjusted, considering my foot fell asleep a couple of times, forcing me to take a break to get some circulation going. Regardless, I made it. And there’s always something endearing to me when I ride by a Welcome to DC sign.

Welcome to Washington, DC

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