Biking the Tourist Circuit Around the National Mall


Snaps Around DC

Because of the forecast, I avoided the trails for my evening ride, not wanting to wade through overflowing streams. I can’t swim. So I took a route through the tourist circuit, across the National Mall, to Hains Point and back. There were more people out and about than I anticipated, but there probably would’ve been more if the Capitals weren’t playing game three in the Stanley Cup.

The goal was to get in 23 miles to reach the 50 percent mark in a Strava challenge to bike 100 miles in 14 days. I completed 22.6 miles. Unfortunately, I forgot to start my Wahoo Elemnt the first mile or so of my route. I could’ve added it to the end, but it started to rain and I broke my biker glasses during a recent crash at Navy Yard and was riding with my eyes barely open.

Regardless, I never get tired of taking photos of the landmarks on the National Mall. DC is truly on of the more photogenic cities around the world.

At first glance I was wondering who could’ve survived this (and where the rock came from) before realizing its an outdoor exhibit at the Hirshhorn Museum.

I rarely [more like never] bike to the other side of the Lincoln Memorial; it’s usually my turnaround mark. But, I wanted to avoid the mass of people [they were killing my average speed] and ended up near the Memorial Bridge.

Arlington Memorial Bridge

I took the bridge over to the Arlington Cemetery, which has many photo ops, but I didn’t take any. I did make a mental note to bike out there again soon.

Another destination I hadn’t biked yet was Hains Point. The last time I visited The Awakening was still struggling to free itself before National Harbor scooped it up. I’ll definitely be making the ride out to Hains Point more often, but I’ll need biker glasses. I didn’t realize how many insects there were. Similar to when I rode through Rock Creek Trail one night, the amount of insects I inhaled and ingested wasn’t fun. I could deal with that to a degree; it was the few that camped out in my eyeball that made me nervous. I rode a lot of the ride with my head down, considering there were virtually no cars out there, but being my first time there, I wasn’t sure if there would be any potholes I had to look out for.

Nice ride though. Even nicer was the view of The Wharf across the Washington Channel. What they did to the bridge exiting to 12th Street Expressway is reason enough to take a break and just admire the scene.

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