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Lactic AcidIt has been many months since I hopped in the saddle and took it for a spin.  And my body rebelled the entire ride.

It was last July since I rode my bike. I couldn’t tell you what caused the sudden urge to sit around the house and get fat, but that’s what happened. And I easily gained 10 pounds from doing absolutely nothing. Or maybe it was the 290 calories per bottle of Mountain Dew loaded with 77 grams of sugar.

This year, though, I told myself I had to get back out on the pavement. We got a mid-January snowstorm here in DC caged me in the house, but today the weather let up a little. When I say a little, the temperature didn’t exceed the freezing point. I told myself that if it reaches at least 28° F [that’s -2.2° C for my international friends] and winds less than 5 mph [8 kph] that I’d make a quick jaunt into the elements.

Well, once the temperature climbed from 15° F to 30° F with relatively negligible winds, I donned my new thermal cycling jersey with a heated vest underneath, some toe warmers and two pairs of socks, my MTB-heavy gloves and a really cool baklava, and off I went.

It didn’t last long though. As much as I want to blame the weather and a few patches of ice here and there, that wasn’t the issue. I was sweating under my gear and going way too slow to worry about slipping on ice. Even if I did, the fall would’ve been faster than my riding speed. The issue was my lungs. They were on fire!

Apparently, six months off the steed does more than add a few pounds to the love handles. My body turned into a lactic acid factory. Either that or someone kept stabbing my quads with jagged daggers. Feels like both.

I only did 3.2 miles. My max heart rate hit 193 bpm, my average speed was a measly 8.1 mph, and my relative effort [am I really going to share that to?] was all of 27. I avoided my starred segments to avoid recording my worst times. Well, I did go one route before I realized how out of practice I was and more than doubled my PR.

Meh. Whatever. I must say that it feels great to be back on two wheels. And blogging about it.

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